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How To I 94 expired but i 797 is valid: 3 Strategies That Work

I have valid H4-EAD till june-2022(till my I-94 validity).However, my H4 is going to expire in Mar-2021.Hopefully, I will apply for H4 extension & receive a receipt before Mar-2021. I am worried if I can still continue my work as I have valid H4-EAD but my H4 is in extension.Enter the Form I-94 document information in the second set of List A Document entry fields. To calculate the new expiration date: Add 540 or 180 days to the EAD “Card Expires” date, whichever time period is applicable depending on the “Received Date” on Form I-797C. Compare the 540-day or 180-day auto-extended date to the Form …Hi, Me and my wife need to travel to Mexico for a short trip (less than 30 days). While, I am all set, my wife has an expired H1-B stamp on her passport but she has an approved I-797 and a valid I-94. We do not plan to go for stamping / visa interview while in Mexico. In the past, we have visited...The Murthy Law Firm routinely receives calls from dependent spouses, such as those admitted in H-4 or L-2 status, who have remained in the United States beyond the expiration date of their respective I-94 cards, under the mistaken belief that an extension of the principal’s status is all that is required for them to maintain their status in the U.S.Oct 4, 2011 · Online I-94 expired but I797 have valid I-94 I was working with company A. My H1b (I-797) is Valid from 10/01/2013 Until 09/01/2016. I move to company B My H1b (I-797) is Valid from 02/04/2014 Until 02/03/2015. I moved back with company A. they did not terminate my H1 which is valid till 2016, they thought of using the same H1 till 9/1/2016 . The date listed there is the last date you are allowed to remain in the United States. Be sure to access and print out your I-94 soon after any entry to the United States. Doublecheck that it correctly states the type of visa you entered on and gives the appropriate expiration date for that type of visa. (Carry the printout around with you; it ... Unexpired foreign passport with valid U.S. Visa and approved I-94 form Valid, unexpired Permanent Resident Card Valid/expired Permanent Resident Card with Notice of Action (I-797 C) or Approval Notice (I-797) Valid, unexpired Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Card (I-766) or valid/expired EAD Card with Notice of Action (I-797 C) Once you leave the US, the I-797C serves only to help prove your past compliance and has no ongoing validity. You can re-enter the US using your valid B1 visa. However, the border officer may question your previous long stay and whether your activity in the US is consistent with a B1 visa.I just got my H1B approved with anew company and my i797 is dated 3 yrs from 2021. My i94 has expired though, should I do something in this case? I already got Canadian visa. The issue is my current H1B which is stamped in my passport is expired but I do have an approved I-797 valid until 2017. I was informed that I do not need to schedule H1B stamping at US consulate in Canada if I am visiting Canada for less than 30 days. ... Is in possession of a Form I-94, Arrival-Departure …Hi, I have got some questions regarding the I-797B and I-94 renewal at US/Mexico or US/Canada border. If anyone can answer these, that will be very helpful. If my H-1B transfer is approved with I797-B(instead of I797-A) for being out of status on H-1B(either because the H-1B petition was filed for consular processing or USCISWith that, I got a valid visa until Jun-20 and re-entered the US with I-94 recorded until Jun-20. In Jun-19, my H1 amendment got approved and I got a new I-797 valid until Jun-22. Now, In Aug-19 I re-entered and then again in Dec-19 for which I-94 was still recorded until Jun-20 (per my visa and old I-797).Nov 7, 2022 · For example: If you received an H-1B I-797 approved from 03/15/2022, valid until 12/31/2022 but you entered the U.S. on 03/20/2022 utilizing a previously issued H-1B visa and I-797 notice valid until 08/30/2022, you might be issued an I-94 valid only until 08/30/2022. In this situation, your period of stay ends on 08/30/2022 and not 12/31/2022 ... Oct 17, 2023 · List C document: An expired PRC with a Form I-797, Notice of Action, receipt notice for either a Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions or a Form I-829, Petition by Investor to Remove Conditions on Permanent Resident Status, that indicates USCIS has extended the card’s validity. You must reverify the employee’s employment authorization ... So, while one may carry an I-797 approval notice that permits the issuance of a particular status for an extended period (e.g., an H1B approval notice valid for three …Form I-797C, Notice of Action, can notify an individual of whether their application or petition is received, denied, re-opened or transferred. Furthermore, Form I-797C is used to notify an individual about an upcoming appointment for biometrics, fingerprinting, or an interview. Form I-797C does not grant any immigration status or …I94 expired 280 days back but i797 was valid. Needed to file h1b extension with NPT. Petition approved but was very stressful. If anyone is in a similar boat and wanna talk, feel free to DMEdit 1: Lots of misinformation in comments so clarifying. It ...Jul 19, 2021 · 131 reviews. Rating: 8.1. 10 year Top Contributor. Website. (408) 516-4618. Message View Profile. Posted on Jul 19, 2021. The USCIS I-797A provides an I-94 that grants continued H1 status. The USCIS system does not update the CBP I-94 admission. Oct 12, 2020 · 246 reviews. Rating: 10. 13 year Top Contributor. Website. (619) 377-4202. Message View Profile. Posted on Oct 12, 2020. No - Your Form I-797 approval notice received from USCIS which contained a new I-94 at the bottom of the page for you to cut off and carry with your passport should be more than enough. Disclaimer. Form I-94 is the DHS Arrival/Departure Record issued to aliens who are admitted to the U.S., who are adjusting status while in the U.S. or extending their stay, among other things. A CBP officer gen-erally attaches the I-94 to the non-immigrant visi-tor’s passport upon U.S. entry. Later I went to India, got Visa stamped and when returned to USA, I was issued a new I-94 with an expiry of 09/2018 (expiration date of my old passport). I renewed my passport in 02/2018 but didn’t notice that my I-94 was expiring. So, its been more than 9 months that my I-94 is expired but my Visa, I-797 are valid until 09/2020. If a change of status or extension of stay has been granted, then you are not required to travel outside the U.S. and apply for an L-1 visa in order to “activate” your L-1 approval. In these cases, the I-94 will appear at the bottom of your I-797 approval notice. However, if your L-1 petition has been approved for consular notification ...If the I-797 approval notice is missing the I-94 or the I-94 information on the I-797 is incorrect, the employer should contact counsel to request a corrected I-797 from USCIS. If the employee is issued an incorrect I-94 card at a land border point, the local CBP deferred inspection office should be contacted immediately to request a corrected ...Thus, your I-94 card will only be valid for a period not to exceed one year from the date of your entry into the U.S. Note that this I-94 expiration date is not relevant for status purposes or AP document validity purposes. Please see the next section regarding maintenance of status while an adjustment of status application is pending with the ...My current visa stamp and I-94 expired June 1st 2012 with my former employer. Is it possible to leave the US and re-enter with a I-797 from my new employer and my old visa stamp? If so, what else would I need at the border? Would the I797, letter of employment, pay stubs and my old visa stamp be ...The I-797A has a I-94, valid from April 2018 to June 2020. But I went outside of the US and came back last November 2018 so I think this I-94 is not valid anymore :-( It has been around 45 days. The PERM got approved 2 weeks ago, and we were about to prepare the I-140, when we noticed the I-94 was expired.If your I-797 was issued first and the I-94 later, that means you were given short status for some reason, e.g., after the H-1B petition approval you entered the US on a passport that expires in 7/2015.I-94 expired but Visa is valid...How to renew I-94. Lawyer directory. Find a lawyer near you. Avvo has 97% of all lawyers in the US. Find the best ones near you. First, choose your state: ... Which one was issued first, the I-797 showing 10/2017 or your I-94 valid until 7/2015? If your I-94 was issued first and your H-1B was filed later and has ...I-94 expired with valid H4 Visa and i-797 USA nisithna (NISITH NAHATA) September 25, 2019, 11:51pm #1 My son i-94 expired as its was updated as his passport …However, H-1B Canadians will want to carry their most recent I-797 approval notice, valid passport, and two recent pay stubs and/or employment verification letter from their employer. ... This is why traveling internationally with a pending H-1B extension application and expired I-94 is typically not a good idea.The I-797 approval notice will be provided to you and should be placed in your passport. The I-797 approval notice states the nonimmigrant status (e.g., H-1B, L-1A) and the dates of employment authorized by the USCIS. The I-797 approval notice is not a visa and does not permit you to apply for entry (“admission”) into the United States. Form I-797 Notice of Action is the simplest USCIS form and you ... Previous versions of the Form I-797C issued prior to April 12, 2012, remain valid and should be kept for ... it usually means that your extension or status adjustment was approved. At the bottom, you will find a new I-94 with a new expiration date. I-797B, Approval of ...Dec 20, 2023 · I-94 using AP expiring but having Valid H1-B I-797. By Spaad, August 25, 2023. 2 replies. 97 views. Spaad. September 16, 2023. My I-797 is valid through that date as well. Since having the visa, I've traveled 2x. My last trip was in 2017, and I just noticed that the I-94 that they stamped had an expiration date that was the same as my passport's. My old passport and most recent I-94 basically expired 6 weeks ago and I am just discovering it now.Form I-94 is the DHS Arrival/Departure Record issued to aliens who are admitted to the U.S., who are adjusting status while in the U.S. or extending their stay, among other things. A CBP officer gen-erally attaches the I-94 to the non-immigrant visi-tor’s passport upon U.S. entry.In addition to carrying copies of the attached guidance, you should also be in possession of the following for automatic revalidation purposes: your valid passport containing the expired visa stamp; your original I-94 Arrival/Departure Record and a photocopy of the I-4; your I-797 Notice of Action Approval Notice or endorsed Form I-129S and a ...Nov 19, 2021 · I now have an I-797 approval notice with I-94 record valid until 2023. Can I travel to Mexico and re-enter the U.S. even though my TN visa stamp has expired? Reply: Under the visa re-validation process, a Mexican citizen may be re-admitted to the United States with an expired visa stamp and a valid I-94 record in limited scenarios. There are 2 scenarios here : a) If current H-1B stamp is still valid, I can just enter. b) If current H-1B stamp has already expired, one can enter US within 30 days (from Canada and Mexico) if one has a valid I-797. 3. When the visa is issued, travel back to Canada/Mexico, submit the passport for stamping.Your I-94 date is the official record of the authorized length of stay that you have. This means that, while you may hold a multiple exit/re-entry visa which is valid for …My wife’s I-797 (with I-94 info) is valid until next year, but her latest I-94 expired last month as per her H1B stamp. ... In any case, if your I-94 and Approval notice are valid, you are fine. If your I-94 is expiring and your petition is valid for more time, then you need to extend I-94. Reply. Kumar Ravi. June 15, 2020 at 2:21 pm . Hi Kumar, Veerendra M. I recently entered into USA on ApriJan 17, 2021 · Ask your question for only $19.95! 1) Under the visa re-validation process, a Mexican citizen may be re-admitted to the United States with an expired visa stamp and a valid I-94 card in limited scenarios. Visa Re-Validation: U.S. border inspectors may automatically extend the validity of an expired visa stamp so that an individual may re-enter the U.S. for the duration of his/her unexpired I … Foreign students in F-1 nonimmigrant status may work on campus without the approval of a designated school official (DSO) or USCIS. To complete Form I-9, these students may present a combination of their unexpired foreign passport and Form I-94 indicating F-1 nonimmigrant status as an acceptable List A document. Nov 18, 2020 · A Customs and Border Protection ...

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I-94 is a place for U.S. visitors to find travel records...


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Posted March 22, 2014. I have question on my current visa status, Let me give more detail about my Visa and my concern. My H1B I797 Petit...


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Your i-797 authorizes you to remain in the US, not enter the US if you leave... – CGCampbell. Aug 29, 2015 at 2:42...


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I94 expired 280 days back but i797 was valid. Needed to file h1b extension with NPT. Petition approved bu...


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Nov 23, 2020 · USCIS previously issued a notice indicating that certain Forms I-797, Notice of Action,...

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